Shop // Fait La Force

       Fait La Force is a collective shop of goods made by artisans in Haiti.  The founders work to create a strong collaboration between locals artisans and designers by providing a stable work environment and promoting economic development.  They sell a variety of beautiful, handmade products including bags, quilts, and jewelry. My favorites are the Cenise leather carry-all which is very classic and the quilts are quite beautiful in their minimalist style. The shop is fairly new so it is only open for pre-orders, but is worth browsing through. 



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All Ready for Fall

photo by me

As you may have already guessed my favorite season is upon us.  I have already done some of my seasonal shopping and cannot wait for the weather to get cooler so I can layer up on all my favorite sweaters.

Here is what I have bought for the season so far:

Black Oversize Cardigan - ASOS - large, cozy and goes with almost anything (pictured)

Cable Knit Sweater in cream color - ASOS - I have been wanting one of these for so long, I still want to knit one for myself, but in the mean time I am happy with this one that fits perfectly (pictured)

Plaid Scarf - handmade - I am surprised I have gone this long without a single plaid item in my closet especially as flannels have gained more popularity. I decided to start with something smaller and made my own plaid scarf with some flannel I picked up a local fabric store. (pictured)

Brown Leather Platform Boots - Steve Madden - These boots have been on my wish list for a few months, and I have to admit they were one of my better purchases. They are comfortable to walk in and add an autumn feel to any outfit. (pictured)

Leather Jacket (fake leather) - Target - A leather jacket has also been on my wish list for a while now and the one I picked up is surprisingly close to looking like real leather and affordable. (not pictured)

Variety of Grey T-shirts - Target, Brandy Melville, ASOS - a great basic, staple for fall and all other seasons too. (pictured)



Highland Punk

      The moment I saw this look book, I did a double take. It like looking exactly like the fall closet I have imagined. Warm basics and neutrals with pops of bright colors. The red is the perfect touch with the variety of plaids and  textures make it feel perfect for autumn. Need Supply Co. never ceases to amaze me with their look books each season. California has left me anxious for the cooler weather to arrive. We have had some 90 degree days which are quite deceiving as it is almost the end of September. Until it starts to get cooler, I will have to settle with weekend trips to San Francisco.




        I have been wanting a succulent for quite awhile, but have never got around to stopping by the garden store. I was given this one unexpectedly at a wedding where this one was used as center places. My next goal is to find a pot to replant this one in. My previous attempts at keeping plants alive have been mostly unsuccessful, but I am hopeful a succulent will be much easier as they require less maintenance.



Labor Day Weekend Recap

      Labor Day weekend was a whirlwind. The family and I took a road trip to a friend's winery to aid them in their wine bottling. I had a great time. The food was good and company was great. We stayed up late into the night sitting outside talking and laughing. The next day we spent the day in Healdsburg going through the downtown shops and art galleries. Afterward, we drove into San Francisco and spent the day wandering about and getting extra work done, to take a break. Overall, it was quite tiring, but an enjoyable time spent with family and friends.

Have a great rest of the day!

All photos by me


What I Wore // Casual in Black and Grey

         This was an outfit I threw on for work and  because I just wasn't in the mood for anything other than comfortable. In other news I have discovered a new TV show called Outlander. I am a sucker for anything that involves historical fiction. I believe the  series is based in the 1940's and 1700's in Scotland. I am excited to see how it will turn out. I have also been busy knitting up lots of little gifts for babies as part of  a special community service project I am doing this fall. It's a little odd doing so much knitting during the summer, but it is getting me ready for my favorite season...fall!


T-shirt // Brandy Melville, Shoes // Vans, Jeans // Macy's


What I Wore // Hot Summer Day

        Summers in California are normally very dry with lots of sun. However, we were blessed with heat, humidity and a cloudless sky all in one day (fairly strange weather for a California summer). The view outside my window was quite deceiving, I couldn't stand for more than ten minutes  outside to get a photo of my outfit without getting feeling like I needed to take an ice-cold shower. I wore loose fitting pants and a light colored tank which are great for days when you would rather not get drenched in sweat. In other news, it you haven't noticed from the photo above, I cut my hair! It was a spur of the moment decision and I love the results. I am surprised at how easy it is to wash my hair and style it every morning without the extra seven to eight inches I cut off.

Have a great week and stay cool!

pants // New Look, shirt // Brandy Melville, shoes // ASOS, necklace // Brandy Melville
photo by me



   Ouur is a clothing brand is by the same creators of  Kinfolk. Their aesthetic focuses on simplicity and well-made neutrals that can fit into almost any closet.

    I am making an effort to invest in more basic pieces that can work in a cohesive closet. This can be quite difficult on an hourly wage, but I have been starting off with smaller pieces such as simple jewelry and basic t-shirts. One of my favorite stops for shirts is Everlane. They have fairly reasonable prices for t-shirts. My favorite is the boxy tee.


photo source:  Ouur




    I have been a bit absent as I was taking a three-hour drawing and watercolor class everyday this past week. I loved it! The watercolor was my favorite and I enjoyed learning new tips and tricks for using watercolor paint. Part of putting together an art portfolio for college one must include a specific number of drawings. I am not the biggest fan of drawing, but exploring drawing as a means to creating something more(watercolor) was very helpful for me and I was able to come out with a few drawings to add to my portfolio.