Reading List // Coffee Table Books


A few books on my reading/looking list. Some of these have been on my list for some time (Tomboy Style...I love the blog). Others are more recent discoveries...the Ikea Book. 


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Knitting // Alvy

    For some odd reason, I find myself most motivated to knit in the spring in summer when I am not in need of warmer clothing. A few weeks ago, I finally completed my latest knitting project, a pullover sweater knit in a light brown fisherman's wool. The pattern is called "Alvy" and is from Brooklyn Tweed. It was a very easy pattern to follow and a relatively fast knit. I am considering adding pockets to the front, but for now I am very happy with the slightly over sized, slouchy look. I am hoping I will be able to put more of my sweaters to use next year in the cold New York weather. 



Style Muse // Adaline Bowman

     Whenever I watch a movie, I always pick out one character whose sense of style I like the most. For the rest of the movie I find myself noticing their different outfits and style choices, filing them away for future inspiration. 
       I saw Age of Adeline this past weekend and was by far one of my favorite movies in terms of the fashion. Two things I love in life are history and vintage fashion and this movie incorporated both of these. The story wove multiple decades and types of fashion effortlessly without making it feel tacky. The storyline was quite interesting too. I enjoyed the fact that the film tried to explain her lack of aging to a scientific reason rather than magic. If you too share a love of fashion this movie is worth seeing.   


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Imaginary Outfit // Airport Travel

      I haven't done an imaginary outfit in a while so I thought I would re-introduce the concept. Outfit and product collages are some of my favorite types of posts to look at and I wanted to create my own for the blog. The whole idea is that these "imaginary" outfits are what I would do if I had unlimited funds to spend on items or endless free time to go on adventures to wear these outfits.

      In the past six weeks I have flown out to New York twice and in the process spent countless hours in various airports across the country. I am not a regular traveler by any means, but there are some things that I think would make traveling a little easier especially if you find yourself having to spend multiple layovers in airports. 

1. An over sized sweatshirt that you can easily pull on and off to adjust with the changing temperatures of airplanes and airports. 

2. A large scarf that you can transform into a blanket or pillow if needed. I personally get really cold on planes and always try to bring an extra sweater to drape across my legs.

3. Lotion or hand cream. Airplanes are not only cold, but also very dry. 

4. An empty water bottle. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of money on water bring along an empty one to fill up at a drinking fountain in the airport.

5. Reading material.

6. A weekend bag/duffle bag to pack the necessities and avoid paying for a checked bag.

7. Comfortable yet stylish shoes you can walk in, because you will do a lot of walking in an airport. 

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Monthly Favorites // April Recap


This month flew by faster than I expected.
Here are some of the things I was up to during the month of April:

I flew out to New York and...

      I visited the Corning Museum of Glass and discovered the many  uses of glass design.

      I saw Niagara Falls  on a cold, foggy day.

I wore the overalls my sister gave me.

I went back to New York for a second time.



Week(end) Recap // San Francisco and New York

San Francisco Street View from above

I am back!

I know it hasn't been that long, but compared to some of my breaks in the past I am glad it was only about a week. So, here we go...

   This post is a quick recap of my past week and weekends. I went to San Francisco for a meeting. It was a beautiful day in the city. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot and was too nice not to spend some time walking around.

   Then this past week I took a quick trip to New York and completely forgot to take pictures aside from a few snaps I took in the numerous airports I spent time in.  I felt like I spent more time on airplanes and in airports than in New York.  It was a fairly uneventful trip except for an emergency airplane landing on the way home that resulted in a night spent at a hotel in Des Moines, Iowa. I won't get into all the specifics, but I am glad nothing bad happened. I am back home now and trying to catch up on all the emails I have accumulated in just a few days and all the work I left behind. I am in need of some relaxation time, but my schedule is crazy busy for the next two weeks so I will have to find time to squeeze in some "me" time.


Elizabeth street sign in San Franciscodunkin donuts coffee
pink flowers in spring
Syracuse airport viewEscalators in Washington D.C. airport